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The help center is designed to answer questions that you may have about our store or Jantiques in general. If your question does not appear in the FAQ, then please contact us using the support email to your right.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. What is is a monetization platform allowing web publishers to generate revenue from their existing website traffic. Web publishers can generate revenue by dropping our invisible pixel at the bottom of their website.
  • 2. How does PixelRevenue work?

    PixelRevenue works by tracking your website visitors and analyzing the visitor interests. This allows us to build a profile for the visitor based on their interests and whereabouts. This data is then sold to advertisers. Advertisers can radically increase conversions by targetting only visitors that have similar interests to their products & services. You can learn more about how our system works by visiting our How It Works page.
  • 3. Does PixelRevenue track and/or store personal information?

    PixelRevenue does NOT track, collect, or store any personal information. Our network is also fully compliant with NAI and all laws & regulations. If you are a consumer and would like to opt out of data tracking please click here. Furthermore, please visit our Privacy Policy page for more information on how we track and collect data.
  • 4. How many websites do I need inorder to join?

    You may join instantly without any websites. However, you will need at least one website in order to use our service. There is no limit on the number of websites you can have.
  • 5. What kind of websites and traffic does PixelRevenue support?

    PixelRevenue supports almost all websites and traffic with certain exceptions (see below). Our system monetizes traffic from every country, however we primarily monetize and offer the highest payouts for US visitors. The websites that PixelRevenue does NOT monetize are those relating to: children, kids, pornography, illegal gambling, offensive, inappropriate, profane, infringing, indecent, or unlawful.

    Our team constantly reviews websites added to our system and strives to disable all websites that meet this criteria. Any websites that meet this criteria and are brought to our attention by a third party would be disabled immediately and the user's account may be restricted and/or suspended until the issue is remedied.
  • 6. How much will I earn?

    Your earnings are determined by the number of visitors monetized through our pixel, what the visitors are interested in, and the location of the visitors, amongst many other attributes. Typically we see RPMs (revenue per thousand visitors) range from $0.30 to $5 for US visitors.
  • 7. Does my website require a Privacy Policy?

    When adding websites to PixelRevenue, we provide you with a javascript snippet that automatically adds a small privacy policy link to the bottom of your page. If you wish to use your own privacy policy page you may do so, however your website requires a Privacy Policy that clearly specifies anonymous user data is being collected and tracked. You are also required to specify an opt-out link in your Privacy Policy that links to the NAI opt out tool found here, where visitors can opt out of data tracking.

    Our team constantly reviews websites to ensure they are compliant with our guidelines. Any users that are not using our javascript snippet which includes the privacy policy or are not providing their own privacy policy are subject to being suspended until the issue is remedied. Please review our Terms of Service for more information.
  • 8. I have many websites. Is there an automated method?

    Yes. If you have hundreds or thousands of websites you do not need to add each website to your account individually. Simply contact us and we will provide you with a solution that is capable of monetizing hundreds or thousands of websites using a single javascript pixel snippet.
  • 9. Will the pixel slow down my website or cause any issues?

    No. The pixel is designed to load after your website page finishes loading. The pixel is loaded in an invisible iframe that is independent of your web page. Any code executed in the pixel would not affect your web page.
  • 10. When and how will I be paid?

    There are currently two options for payment: PayPal (minimum $20) and Wire Transfer (minimum $1000). Payments are made on a NET 30 basis. Example: Revenue generated in the month of January would be paid by the 30th of February. If you do not reach your minimum payout amount, the amount would roll over to the following month(s) until the minimum amount is met.
  • 11. I am an advertiser/ad network. How can we work together?

    Please contact the business development department using the email address on the right hand side of this page to discuss ways we can work together.
  • 12. My question wasn't answered here. Who can I contact with additional questions?

    Our support department will be more than happy to answer any questions or issues that you may have. Please contact our support by email. Our email address can be found on the right hand side of this page.

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